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X2 Mill 3-axis DRO

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Just a quick one – a nice day today so took the workshop outside and completed the mounting of my DRO bars. To be honest, this wasn`t such a huge feet as the parts were made by Matt when I bought the mill – I had to make one of the Y-axis mounts because it vanished during the journey home and of course I did need to tap and drill the holes for the mounting brackets. This was the first time I have actually modified a machine in terms of drilling and therefore I was a little nervous. Anyway, all turned out pretty well…..some pictures:

Mounting brackets for the Y axis bar and then with dro installed.

X axis mounted:

Z axis mounted:

X2 mill with all three bars installed:

The biggest issue is that the few jobs I did on it this afternoon covered up the dro and it is a pain moving about to try and read the dials. I am going to purchase a Shumatech and try and put that together for my 3axis readout. Seems a good unit and is recommended but is a little too expensive at present. I`ll have to save up for a few weeks before that comes but will update this when it does.



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1 | DavoDavo

June 6th, 2012 at 6:16 am


Hi Chris,
I can recommend Shumatech, I have the DRO-350 version which works fine but I do get some jitter on the displays now and again, the new version Shumatechs are a big improvement though and have apparently eliminated the jitter and added a few extra cool features.
I fitted mine to my X2 mill years ago – wouldn’t be without it. Bought one for my 9×20 lathe too but haven’t as yet installed the digital reading bars on it, so at the moment I just use it to display lathe RPM’s – one day I’ll get around to it… :-)

PS – I’m having a ball reading everything on your web site. Great stuff!

2 | Raynerd

June 7th, 2012 at 9:20 am


Hi DAvo, I never updated the post but yes, I got an DRO350 last year and it has been excellent! Just the scales which I keep killing with swarf and oil… really need to box them in some how!
Thanks for posting.

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