Thank you for visiting my website which is a diary/blog of all my projects. The pictures below will link you to write ups of some of my bigger builds but the menu on the left shows all my projects either complete, ongoing or abandoned!

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Dr Woodwards Gearless Clock

I built Dr Woodwards Gearless Clock in 2012. I followed Wildings Gearless Clock Build Book and also aquired Dr Philip Woodward’s book – My Own Right Time, which has helped me futher understand this build.

Webster IC Engine

The Webster was my first internal combustion engine which I built during the period from Jan 2011 – May 2011 completely from bar stock including the gears.

Stuart 10V Engine

This was build during Oct-Dec 2010 and runs very nicely. This was my first build from castings.

Ring Sundial

Colin Thornes plans of a portable ring sundial worked very well. Built in July 2011, still needs a stand making for it.


  1. Hey,
    do you still have the code for your 10p change machine?
    Can you please send it to me?

    Greetings from Germany!

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