X-Axis Controller with LCD

A bit of an update. I`ve been doing some updates to my mill at the moment but I`m hoping I should have some time over the next week to get a first simple prototype built. Quite a bit to do yet.


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2 responses to “X-Axis Controller with LCD”

  1. Brian says:

    Hello Chris
    You make me breathless with your enthusiasm. I am really jealous of your shaper, I was never an expert with one but I remember a colleague who was, unfortunately I have lost contact with him.
    Regards Brian

  2. admin says:

    Brian, sorry it is months since you posted this but never the less, I wanted to say thanks for stopping by. And, yes, I do border on obsessive when I get an idea in my head which I think is where the enthusiasm comes in! I hope your clock build is going well.
    All the best. Raynerd

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