Woodwards Gearless Clock in the case! – nearly finished.

The clock is now complete. To see all the posts about this build click here: http://www.raynerd.co.uk/category/clockmaking/woodwards-gearless-clock/

You`ll notice, hopefully, that it has all been gold plated. I`m never very pleased with my work and I must say this looks smashing and it is so difficult to get a good picture of it! The gold is so well polished and reflective that I just get glare but then with such dull winter days, I still need a flash! Anyway, I think you`ll get the idea.

Here goes…hope you like it.

Clock mounted on the wall without weights and pulleys

I`ve just finished making two brass countersunk washers to replace the large ugly steel washers but I took the picture earlier today:

I think this shows off the gold plating the best! I`m very please with it and a good skill to have learnt and the kit wasn`t much more than I`d have paid to have it plated by someone else.

So things to do/finish:

1. Fit the new brass washers.
2. Blue some of the screws and find some M4 screws that can be blued!
3. Make new pulleys for the weights – started this a few days ago and spoilt them both!!
4. Get the new dial numbered.

Feels good to have it on the wall and running!

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7 responses to “Woodwards Gearless Clock in the case! – nearly finished.”

  1. Martin says:

    Hi Chris, very impressive! Have you made the case yourself too? In case I fall into spam again, I’ve emailed you regarding the cylinder puzzle.

  2. Alan says:

    Hi Chris
    Great to see this nearly finished! Are you planning to post on the gold-plating process? I’d be interested to see what was involved…

    Oh – and “Merry Christmas” to you and the family Raynerd!

  3. Martin says:

    Hi Chris, Just to echo Alan’s comment, I too would be interested to know more about the gold plating kit and process. I’ve had a look on e-Bay and the price range for kits is enormous 8-o

  4. Raynerd says:

    Hi Martin
    Many thanks for emailing the pictures of your puzzle and glad it worked out well. I did send you a reply which I hope you got!


  5. Raynerd says:

    Hello Alan
    Yes, I`ve had a few emails about it and although I must admit I`m trying to gold plate a few items for people to recoup some money back on what I spent on my setup, I would be happy to share the process! I`ll make a post about it in the next few weeks!
    All the best,

  6. Alan says:

    Hi Chris
    From the quick look around I’ve had, the kits seem to be in the hundreds of pounds – and I bet you still need the skills/practice to produce good results. I’m interested in the process – just because I’m interested – but if I had anything I wanted a good first-time result on I’d rather pass it to you – bet it would be cheaper than buying the whole kit too…

    Hope you catch up on your sleep (5:34am!)

  7. Raynerd says:

    Hi Alan
    Yes, even if you didn`t purchase a kit, I expect setup outlay would be quite high. For 100ml (not much!!) of the gold plating solution alone is nearly £50 and then you have to have an activator solution (acid) along with a good quality carbon and stainless steel electrode plus a variable voltage power supply with a fairly high voltage and current. I owned a good power supply from my experiences in HAM radio but even this wasn`t good enough. Once you have everthing the process is quite easy.

    Regarding my post at 5:34am… yes, my 3y/o daughter decided that she really couldn`t sleep. I think she was too excited from Christmas the day before and knowing she had all her toys downstairs!


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