Taig / Peatol Lathe – the new arrival

I use to own a Unimat 3 mini lathe many years ago and I really enjoyed it for small work. Looking back now, since owning my Asian Lathe and Boxford it was tiny in comparison but there was somthing about its size that has appealed to me. I`ve been looking since summer to find a tiny lathe perhaps eventually for turning small parts or as a dedicated clock wheel cutter and the Sherline or the Taig/Petol were always rated more highly than the unimat.

Last week I collected a peatol lathe and it really is smashing. The guy was great, it has a touch of surface rust as it has been in the shed but it will come up great when I have more time to look at it. It was such a pitty, he used it to make violin and bow parts, his work was absolutely first class but his eye sight had failed him. The lead screw mod is excellent and seems very well done. He also chucked in a box full of taps, dies…etc and a couple of plunge clocks including a nice mitutoyo. Really impressed with it so far and hope to start getting some use out of it soon.

Specs of the Taig/Peatol lathe: http://www.cartertools.com/specific.html

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4 responses to “Taig / Peatol Lathe – the new arrival”

  1. Patrick O'Sullivan says:

    Well done, it looks like you bagged yourself a bargain, they are apparently a great small lathe. I wish you all the success in the world with it.

    I thought as the as this space is blank, and after you taking the trouble to share your photographs with us, its the least I could do was to thank you for sharing them with us. I am currently looking at buying a new Peatol Lathe, but first I must dispose of my current lathe.

    From what I read it appears that the Taig/Peatol Lathes are great for the smaller end of the hobby. I look forward to my new purchase, once my current one is away.

    Happy engineering

    Patrick O’Sullivan

  2. admin says:

    Hi Patrick, thanks for taking the time to post. It is nice to see people do occasionally stumble across my site. Yes, the Peatol is a great lathe and mine personally runs very well. I have to admit that the big boxford gets most of the work but the peatol is my choice for any small bits. Please do let me know how it goes if you go for one.

  3. Ben Popoola says:

    I would also like to say things for sharing your thoughts and photographs. I am new to lathes and have just received the brochure detailing the Peatol mini lathe. It is going to be a toss up between the Peatol and the Sherline.


  4. John Naylor says:

    Hi there,thanks for the information.I have just been given a bare Peatol lathe for free.I already have a 10″Atlas lathe but looking forward to getting the Peatol up and running.I have just bought the 1/4hp motor so still need a pulley set and belts.I think I will also buy a very much-needed tail stock when funds allow.will keep you posted .

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