Shumatech DRO on X2 Mill

Several months on and I have just received a Shumatech 350 at a bargain of a price! The Shumatech 550 has just been released so I suspect that there will be a few of these 350`s come up for sale. I`m really impressed with it, I need to mount it properly on a flexable arm or similar but it is good enough where it is for now.

It was used on a lathe by the original owner and so came with two custom cables with plugs that fit neatly into the Chinease scale inputs, the thrid axis I had to buy a 4 pin DIN, cut the ends and solder it to the scale:

Something I didn`t know when I bought it was that it actually powers the scales! No more leaving them turned on by mistake and no more batteries…

The Shumatech just sitting neatly on the shelf behind the mill … I`ll make a proper arm but for now it is great just where it is!

And to all you net nannies, my milling vice is in bits ready for a mod and the little drill vice is mounted on there just to calc. the accuracy of the surface and edge finding with my new DRO setup. I`ve been thrilled with the DRO since I installed the scales but with all three axis together, this is going to make things 100% easier than the awkward places the displays use to get into.


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3 responses to “Shumatech DRO on X2 Mill”

  1. Dale says:

    Why not use glass scales and a 3-axis readout, they’re really cheap out of china and the quality is pretty good, most of the ones sold by various vendors like Servo Products, High Quality Tools or other well known companies sell these products under various brand names like Delos, PASEIKI and Quanta at double the price.

  2. Raynerd says:

    Hi Dale
    The shumatech is a readout! I could move to glass scales but despite you saying they are really cheap, they are a little too expensive for me at present! If you do have a link for some at a similar price to these chinese readouts let me know!

  3. Alan G4EEE says:

    Hi Chris

    I bought two 350s as kits and got them running. The 550s etc never appeared. I had issues with flicker and solved it with a separate local PSU.

    See my site for details.
    (I have put a link to yours on my site).

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