Kennedy Power Hacksaw

When I first saw one of these running I really liked it. Being in a basement workshop, I`m limited with the size of the equipment I can have down there, especially floor standing. This is an ideal size, OK, limited certainly to the size I can cut but it`ll certainly give my arm a rest on the small stuff. I get a lot of my stock from the scrappy so I have a lot of long bar, too big to easily get on the lathe so cutting with this saw should be quicker. I suppose we`ll see how much use it gets over the next few months but I think it`ll be a good addition to the shop.

It was pretty much ready to run, I just needed to make a new clamping block to hold the saw in place. The oil pot contains slide ways oil, I don`t know if that is too thick?

Anyone know anything about these machines?….I really need to get to grips with the setup although it is cutting pretty well as is:

I have a second post on the Kennedy Power Hacksaw showing files and additional info: http://www.raynerd.co.uk/kennedy-power-hacksaw-manual-and-files/

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11 responses to “Kennedy Power Hacksaw”

  1. Deric King says:

    Hi, Chris,

    I’ve just this evening found madmodders site and joined up straight away! It looks right up my street.
    I have a Kennedy saw the same as yours. I got it from a chap in exchange for doing a weekend shift for him about 15 years ago. I was a hospital engineer then.

    My saw runs exactly like yours however is prone to jam when using 18tpi blades and then the belt slips. I use 24tpi on everything with a little oil and it seems to work well.
    Like you say it saves a lot of time and you can leave it to get on with something else while it’s doing it’s thing.
    I did try to find belts for it once but with no luck, so if you have found a supplier I’d really like to hear from you

    Best regards

  2. Raynerd says:

    Hi Deric, yes I`ve had it for a while now and it is great! It gets a hell of a lot of use and never failed me, so far! As for a supplier of belts – no I haven`t had the need as of yet so please inform me if you do find some suitable!

    ..and thanks for visiting my site!

  3. Phil Robinson says:

    Enjoyed the vid. Am just refurbishing a Kennedy, and would like some details of the damper arrangements if possible.

    Belts are available from Tony at Lathes.co.uk. Downside is they cost £25! Am experimenting with cheaper alternatives.


  4. Raynerd says:

    Hi Phil, just got your email ! I`ll take a look at the damper tomorrow. If I remember correctly it is simply two “circles” of thin aluminium, the upper has holes in it. They are placed on top of each other and and a screw holds them together. I can`t quite remember the mechanism but moving the hand undoes the bolt a fraction, just enough for the disks to separate and oil to move through the holes, allowing the system to fall faster. In the other position the bolt is tight and so the two disks are tight together and the holes covered – the system falls slow.
    I`ll give you more details shortly.


  5. Steve Wan says:

    Hi Chris,

    Any idea where I could get this wonderful compact Kennedy power hacksaw drawings? Wish to build one for my tiny workshop.

    Much appreciated,

    Steve Wan
    (home machinist-Singapore)

  6. john amos says:

    can you adjust the drive belt on a kennedy power hacksaw

  7. Raynerd says:

    Hi John, thanks for your question and sorry for the late reply. I can`t see an obvious way to change the belt tension and I`ve never needed to! I don`t know if this is a standard belt or where a replacement could be purchased from. I hope it doesn`t break any time soon!!

  8. mechman48 says:

    Hi Chris
    Have just registered with your blog site, also member of madmodders.
    I like the Kennedy power hacksaw in your video, where did you get it? I have tried looking on the web for ‘kennedy power saw’ with no luck as yet,any info would be appreciated

  9. Raynerd says:

    Hi, You are not the only one to ask about it. I first came across the Kennedy Power Hacksaw at a friends workshop, he had two…one of them is now mine! They do occasionally come up on homeworkshop and ebay but very expensive in my opinion considering their size!
    I`ve been meaning to do it for a while but I`m going to post some more info documents abouts Kennedy on the blog now.

  10. J hoben says:

    i have a kennedy hacksaw for sale

  11. David says:

    Hello chaps! Just inherited one from a very dear uncle. Really love it, work well and leaves me to get on with other jobs. Just wondering if anyone would send me a cardboard template and fixing details of the belt guard? It never had one in the time he had it and I would like To try and reproduce one as near as possible to the original. It is such a nice example.
    I would be happy to cover costs of postage etc.
    I have a friend who is the alloy welder for a well known British race motorcycle frame manufacturer, he can cut the guard profile from alloy plate and weld strip around the edge to create the sides.
    Taped alloy rod for the bolting bosses and ding dong!
    Hope someone can help……David. 07836 267476

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