Kennedy Power Hacksaw – manual, files and pictures

It seems that as these machines are getting harder to find, they are often in need of repair! This post hopes to give details on the Kennedy Saw. If you have any info or pictures of the saw please email me!

I don`t often post with none project related information but since I get an awful lot of questions regarding my Kennedy Power Hacksaw, I have posted the manual and other info related to this saw.

These manuals are often sold on ebay or similar websites, so if you wish to make a small (£2-£5) donation to the site, it would be greatly appreciated: chris@raynerd.co.uk





Information & Pictures from “Russell”:
The rod in the centre of the piston goes through the hole in the casting . The spring then hooks on the end and down to a peg on the casting to provide pressure on the blade. The other rod screws into the piston and opens the valve which is simply a thin disc of metal which you can see in the picture. There are half a dozen holes in the piston for the oil to flow through

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12 responses to “Kennedy Power Hacksaw – manual, files and pictures”

  1. ziggaruk says:

    thanks for posting these
    have just acquired one of these only minutes ago and was searching hoping to come across some files relating to the saw
    mine is missing the cutoff mechanism and the length stop and also the piston and everything else for the down speed and the belt guard so am hoping to find some indepth details regarding the piston and related parts. the rest i can cobble together fairly easily

  2. ziggaruk says:

    when i say cutoff i should say switchoff……

  3. mattinker says:

    Just a thought, shouldn’t the blade be the other way round? All the industrial saws that I’ve seen pull to cut, when they push, they have a tendancy to jump.

    Regards, Matthew

  4. mattinker says:

    Ooops, my bad, just looked at your .pdf N°4 it says you have the blade the right way round!

    Regards, Matthew

  5. Colin says:

    Thanks for posting this article. I have one of these machines, and every one I see on www has had some sort of owner modification. Great to see others, as I can modify mine to get the best out of it.

  6. John Smith says:

    Picture of damper piston and spring invaluable, thanks. Do you know of currently available suitable rubber boot to close dashpot?

  7. Chris Evans says:

    Russell, I have just purchased a Kennedy power hacksaw which appears to be in good condition. It does however appear to be missing the thin metal disc below the piston. Any chance you could forward details of the disc as i cannot see from the photograph the correct shape and size.


  8. Chris Evans says:

    Russell. Have just bought a Kennedy power hacksaw which appears to be in good condition. It does hoever appear to be missing the thin metal disc which fits below the damping piston. Do you have details of size and shape of this disc.


  9. Chris says:

    Hi, I have just bought a Kennedy 60 Mk 2 , in a very good condition the chap had owned it for the last 30 years. It has 5-71 stamped on the bace so I think this should be it’s Birthday. Please could anyone advise where I could buy a replacement rubber bellows for the dash post that would be great.


  10. Chriss
    I’ve enjoyed your progress for years, I belong on some of the forum yo post to, MadModder. You have made some very interesting things and after seeing all you pro’s maybe I can start to make some things of mine happen.
    The real reason for this email is the “Kennedy Saw” Did you get it all back to original with the part that was missing? And if you did I would like to see it and some of your notes and drawings. Myfordboy made a saw like it but he did not make any kind of down feed. I would like to incorporate that on my saw, but it is not in the plans so it you could help it would be very much appreciated.

  11. Deric says:

    Hi, thanks for posting these details. I too have a complete saw which I acquired many years ago. I find that the flat belt slips I have modified the base to enable tightening of the belt. However, if it does start to slip you have to be quick to switch it of or it will deform/melt the belt! I am considering changing to Vee pulled.
    Any idea on the type of oil to use, I have experimented with different types none of which really make much difference to the down feed.

  12. Dave says:

    Hi, can anyone help/advise me please. I have recently acquired Kennedy 90 in a very sorry state indeed.
    The bar to keep saw in the upright position is missing so some measurements for this item would be helpful. Also mine has bronze bushes fitted on the the spindles & was wondering if this was standard? I suspect not as measurements are non standard.
    Any help is much appreciated

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