Gearless Clock – Back Stop Modification

I don`t often divert off the plans that often but I was having real problems with back stop and I figured it was all down to its position. The plans call for the backstop to be mounted alongside the count wheel on the bridge piece as I originally built it:

However the angle at which the backstop engages when in this position is not at all ideal as it bears down heavily on the wheel and it also doesn`t slide over the teeth as easily as it would if it was more horizontal or more parallel with the tooth flats, similar to the position of the opposite gathering pawl.

I therefore made a new mounting bracket fitted from the bridge screwing point and the screw at the back is a counter balance, the nut allows more fine adjustment of this. This really reduces friction on the count wheel. I made this modification much earlier on with an ugly temporary backstop that you may have seen in the videos of the running clock. I would certainly recommend this modification:

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2 responses to “Gearless Clock – Back Stop Modification”

  1. Don says:


    You have an unfortunate pressure angle on the ratchet teeth, particularly on the double depth one, The pawls will slide easier over the teeth if the teeth are cut only as deep as is absolutely necessary. I had the same problem on a similar clock and ended up cutting the teeth scarcely as deep as the diameter of the wire pawl.

    Hope this helps. Don

  2. Raynerd says:

    Thanks Don, that is very helpful and I think over the next few weeks I may remake it as you desecribed!


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