Elmers #25 Engine

My brother-in-law and I decided to do a joint project and after I showed him Spuddevans (Tims) smashing job of the Elmer #25 engine, we both agreed we would try that one. Not only do we have the original Elmer plans for free but we also have Tims excellent write up and pictures. As we both wanted an engine at the end of it, we decided that we would split the parts and a double up. As I have the milling machine I ended up with the Frame, cylinder and piston and he took the flywheel, crank and base/foot (round like on Tims rather than square as per plans).

Anyway, we are on our way, here are all the bits minus the base. There is something extra satisfying about having duplicate parts! Not too much further to go, frame obviously needs marking out and drilling but then it should be a case of putting it all together! I`ve put some oil grooves on the piston this time and I think with my more accurate machining, the pistons are a better fit than on my previous engine. The brass cylinder also drilled and reamed much much smoother than the ally on my last one – infact even after drilling it was a mirror finish on the inside. Certainly a satisfying “POP” when the piston is pulled from the cylinder. All parts need polishing and buffing.

And here is my engine up and running. The other one is just having some finishing touches.

I`ll post a couple of pics when they are both up and running together but for now here is my unpolished engine.


Thanks for all your help, that is engine number two under the belt …


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