Thank you for viewing this Eazy Pod Modification Disk. I have shown a previous video of making this disk out of acrylic plastic in my home workshop but due to the interest I received, I have now started making these for sale with handles added to maintain the EasyPod`s easy, no fuss cleaning method. This is very much an experimental concept but I have had great success with mine and without question it has removed fines from the water. I have also had plenty of positive feedback from happy buyers which I have posted at the bottom of this page!


UPDATE 2019- due to the increase price of plastic, laser cutting and postage, I not longer supply the black balls for the end of the handle. They serve little benefit and allow me to maintain a similar price to previous years. Please understand this is just the black ball…the metal handle and hangers are still included. I will place a note in each box to explain where to purchase the balls if you require them.


The price of these disks is £46.95 which includes postage and packaging to mainland UK. I will not post to Italy. Please contact me for a quote to any other country.


Please note that I am a hobby engineer as you can see by this website. Koi is my second and relatively new hobby. This is an experimental design and I am very happy and confident this improves filtration as do many others on the Koi forums, however, I am providing an acrylic disk and no refunds will be given. I am doing this purely due to the numerous emails I received requesting me make a disk for people! I now have many many positive feedbacks from happy ebay customers. You can see these on my eBay account craynerd.


If you have any questions or comments, send me an email to chris@raynerd.co.uk


Click the PayPal link below to purchase. Feel free to email me directly to confirm payment.



Please preorder – over half sold now out of 30.


EasyPod Modification Disk, including Postage and Packaging to the UK (overseas please email for a quote or click the correct link for your country below)

£ 46.95


These are also available on ebay at £50.95, the additional charge is due to ebay fees.



This video is from David Howarth. I don`t know David at all but he was a happy customer and produced a video showing his instillation of the disk:

Ebay feedback:


“Received the disk last week and fitted it. Works great and really helps compact the media and stop it spilling everywhere on back washing. Great addition to the Easy Pod. Thanks again”

“Hi Chris, I got the easy pod disk and it is great. I am quite surprised what a difference it makes. The handles were a little bit too long but I guess you need to make sure they are long enough for people with less K1 in the tub. I don’t think I could get any clearer water now this is on but I’m curious to add a piece of jap matting as well if you can get hold of one. Great job.”

“Got the disk. Thanks for the fast postage. I`ll let you know how the filtering goes but the disk stops the white balls going everywhere and is worth the job alone!”

“Fast delivery, well packaged and good quality product”