A selection of my favourite clockmaking links. If you find any of the links are dead or unavailable, please can you email me so that I can keep this up to date.

ClockBuilding Blogs / Project Logs
OnlineClockBuilding – Crown Wheel Skeleton: – http://onlineclockbuilding.com/OCB1/crown_wheel.html
OnlineClockBuilding – A torsion balance chronometer clock –  http://onlineclockbuilding.com/OCB2/index.html
Craigs Longcase Clock Making –  http://www.finestgrandfatherclocks.com/
Issacs Beginners Clock Build – http://www.deansphotographica.com/machining/projects/clockmaking/clockmaking.html
Thomas Shallard Part built clock diary: http://web.mac.com/bshallard/iWeb/Site/Making%20a%20Clock.html
Jere Adventures in Watch Making – http://watchmaking.weebly.com/
Donaldson Workshop Builds Mr. Smiths Skeleton Wall Clock – http://www.donaldsonworkshop.com/projdetail.php?project=clock
David Morrows CNC Clock building diary- http://www.ldrider.ca/cnc/garysclock/garysclock.htm
GadgetBuilder builds Woodwards Gearless Clock – http://www.gadgetbuilder.com/GearlessClock/Gearless_Clock.html
GadgetBuilder builds a Regulator Clock – http://www.gadgetbuilder.com/Clock/Clock.html

Message Boards
NAWCC – http://mb.nawcc.org/

Horology Organisations

Clockmakers Tools
Tools as used by Thomas Shallard –  http://web.mac.com/bshallard/iWeb/Site/Tools%20of%20the%20Trade.html
Depthing Tool –  http://home.teleport.com/~gregsa/clocks/depthing/index.htm
Gadget Builders Depthing Tool –  http://www.gadgetbuilder.com/Gear_Depther.html
Bergeon Depthing tool –  http://www.orologeria.com/english/workshop/workshop3.htm
Dave Wests Jacots Tool –  http://www.davewestclocks.co.uk/making_a_jacot_tool.htm
Dave Wests Wheel holding –  http://www.davewestclocks.co.uk/Wheel%20holding%20device.htm
Dave Wests Pallet Gringing Jig –  http://www.davewestclocks.co.uk/pallet_grinding_jig.htm

Wheel Cutting
Making a Mutitooth cutter **** –  http://www.deansphotographica.com/machining/projects/multipoint/multipoint.html
John Shadles regarded single point cutter –  http://onlineclockbuilding.com/DOWNLOADS/flycut.rtf
Wheel Cutting Data –  http://www.clock-works.clara.net/cata/wpcc1.html
Plans for a clock wheel cutter –  http://www.projectsinmetal.com/free-metalworking-project-plans-a-burgeon-style-gear-cutter-for-clockmaking/
Wheel and Pinion Cutting  http://www.csparks.com/watchmaking/WheelCutting.html
CNC Wheel Cutter –  http://www.jeffree.co.uk/Pages/cnc-wheel-cutting-engine.htm
Making Replacement Wheel –  http://www.historictimekeepers.com/Wheelsteps.htm
Making an Escape Wheel & Turning in a Box-  http://lesgrenz.homestead.com/horology.html
John Shadle – Cutting and Escape Wheel –  http://onlineclockbuilding.com/ESCAPEWHEELS/fly.html

Clock Repair
Les Grenz Horology Tips –  http://lesgrenz.homestead.com/horology.html

Commerical Links
Ian Cobb – Clockmakingbrass UK supplier of clockmaking books and materials – EXCELLENT and helpful bloke –  http://www.clockmaking-brass.co.uk/
PP Thornton wheel cutters (the bee’s knees of clock wheel cutters!) –  http://www.ppthornton.com/
Meadows & Passmore’s – Clock repair tools and supplies –  http://www.m-p.co.uk/
UK Supplier of Donegan OptiVisor –  http://www.ceramicsrestored.co.uk/
A.G. Thomas Jewlery and Horology Supplies –  http://www.agtshop.co.uk/
Cousins UK – tools and supplies –  http://www.cousinsuk.com/

Video Links
So that the video does not display as a small clip and take up space, I have placed a space at the end of the URL. Copy and paste to play.

Cutting Escape Wheel
httpv://www .youtube.com/watch?v=5QQG21vwumk

Gear Cutting using CNC sherline indexer –
httpv://www .youtube.com/user/TTompion#p/u/12/A1O2XBmITI8

10 Minutes with a Unimat –
httpv://www .youtube.com/watch?v=LZe3E3rpRTk&feature=related

Clockmaker watchmaker jewelers lathe course promo –
httpv://www .youtube.com/watch?v=F6EqsFLZNhA

Watchmaking – turning between centres:
httpv://www .youtube.com/watch?v=M6svZzTBIeM&feature=related

Stunning work by Steffen Pahlow -Tourbillon with flying cage picture log –
httpv://www. youtube.com/watch?v=Ace8JClm0g0&feature=related

escapement and motion works
Daisy Motion Works:
httpv://www. youtube.com/watch?v=fdb7_VCaiOE

Daisy Motion animation:
httpv:// youtu.be/RVWd-QedUTY

Grasshopper Escapement:
httpv://www. youtube.com/watch?v=rluQpoV8638

Verge and Foliot Escapment:
httpv://www. youtube.com/watch?v=7HgAtCn3VUU

Hope this is useful and interesting to others. Please add any comments with links that may also be useful.