Clock Parts Wooden Box

A slight aside from the actual clock build, after seeing Jere’s watch box for all his parts as he makes them I couldn`t help but want one. Certainly not to Jere’s high standards but should serve me well in my dirty workshop! I have made a compartment at the front large enough for the frame and the first row is sufficient size for the larger wheels. I`ve been planning this all weekend and it hasn`t taken me too long to finish…

Last picture is with it up to date and it is a bit empty, perhaps I should now get on with the difficult part of building a clock! …. nope, not yet, a few more clock related jobs and tools to make! Keep posted….


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One response to “Clock Parts Wooden Box”

  1. craigs clock says:

    Very nice. Brians just made one, I'll get him to put it on

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