Boxford Re-build – saddle

Just a quick update. Sadly I`ve no detailed photos of the saddle before I stripped it down but hopefully you can appreciate how dirty it was with 50 years and no clean I expect!

Parts in a bucket after just being cleaned in paraffin.

Rebuilt – just to check I could remember!!

And stripped again for sanding

Then repainted light grey – does it look too like undercoat ? Sorry, the pic isn`t too detailed with a little bit too much in the background but they were still wet to move and it was the only place dust free!

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3 responses to “Boxford Re-build – saddle”

  1. Marcus says:

    Nice clean-up job.
    What paint did you use?


  2. Raynerd says:

    Hi Marcus
    I`m almost certain it was Boxford paint from RDG tools! Not sure if they still stock it as they have moved towards Myford and it was a few years back.

  3. TerryD says:


    When I spoke to the Boxford Technician at Boxford who had worked on these machines (he retired earlier this year) He told me that they used cellulose paint and the colour for these early machines is ‘Smoke Grey’, a British Standard colour, BS381-692. When photographed it looks on the blue side. I have refurbished a couple of these lathes with this colour and they stand well beside the original.

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