Binary Clock 16F887 PIC Project

I`ve been working on this code on and off for the last few weeks. Finally got it running on breadboard a few hours ago thanks to my good friend who helped me point out my errors in the circuit. This may have some machining now as I have a case to build!

Part 1 at least:

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4 responses to “Binary Clock 16F887 PIC Project”

  1. ayaz says:

    im really impressed with this binary clock. i already send u comment. can u plz send me code for that. thanks

  2. David says:

    Hi i want to do a simular clock like yours with 16F877a pic can you send me the code to see how you did the alarm ?

  3. Raynerd says:

    Sorry, I can`t find the code right now. For the alarm I just had a different variable which you set in the same way as the clock but you have to hold the “alarm” buttom down as well. “IF” the alarm variable == time count variable” you then do what you want to do!

  4. Lucas says:

    Where is the code?

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