06 May, 2012

Building a Small CNC Dividing Head

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At Christmas I purchased a lovely Rawyler horizontal milling machine at a vary good price which should be great for gear and pinion cutting. However, with it being such a small machine, my 4″ CNC Rotary Table won`t fit the bed and so I needed to make something. I`ve compiled this post from a series of posts I made on madmodder forum, so it may seem a little disjointed:

This design pins itself on the straight shank ER chucks available dirt cheap on ebay as the spindle!! I`ve ordered and recieved a ER16 with 12mm straight shank and full set of collets. I`m also going to run this divider off a Nema 17 stepper. I`ll be using one of Kwackers indexers to driver the motors.

Squared it up as John/Bogs showed us how in his minimag build. Some of the best advice ever given.

4 jaw for boring:

Lump of ally for the base was then cut and milled to size and shape:

The picture below shows the top sitting on the base. It has now been tapped in each corner and bolted through from below.

And now with the worm wheel attached and spindle mounted. It is turning nicely so looks like it will work just fine.


Still not finished it, but it is looking better:

Motor attached and although isn`t hooked up here, it is turning nicely using the Kwackers indexer cnc controller.

As John stevenson said, I now need a cover for the gearing and also some slots milling for clamping down.

It seems like it is going to be a good size for my horizontal miller! Now need a matching tailstock!


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May 17th, 2012 at 11:26 am


What a brilliant piece of equipment Chris! I bet you’re pleased with it. I’ve been looking for info on CNC folding if you know where to look?

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  • Steve Richardson: Pretty cool stuff! I work with some real talented machinists and they are gonna dig your website!
  • Mike: Hi.where did you purchase the plate from. Been looking for a good stockist. I love your idea and would like to make one for my boxford. Also, sorry
  • Don bath: Thanks for the reply,currently I am making the escape wheel arbour and back cock plate ready for the next phase of testing .Your comments regarding th

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