12 May, 2012

RepRap Mendel Prusa 2 – Build log – getting started

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After finishing my CNC machine, I`d quite like to have a go at a 3D printer as the concept amazes me. The guys on the IRC channel are really helpful but I am pestering quite a bit as there seems to be quite a few differences with the Prusa2 over the older versions. I do intend to come back in here and add more pictures and comments once it is working and I know it is being done correctly, For now, it is maninly just an update on progress.

I received my parts a few days back, really chuffed with them… cheers ParCan!

M8 threaded rod and 100 nuts and washers, along with a mix of other fasteners came to about £12

Started on the triangular sides:

Next step is to connect the sides together.

So got all the cross members on to link the two sides together and then jigged it out. Now I must admit, I spent about 1 1/2 hours getting it square as it kept twisting!

8mm linear bearings clipped into printed bearing holders

Then mounted the ply bottom table onto the silver steel using the bearings.

At this point I realised I`d mounted the bars on the wrong side of the frame. On the Prusa2 the clips should hold the bars at the top of the threaded rod and not hanging as it is in the photo.

So I`m now running an evening behind as I`ve now flipped the bars around and mounted the motor and timing pulleys… update tomorrow!

2 Responses to "RepRap Mendel Prusa 2 – Build log – getting started"

1 | Alan

May 13th, 2012 at 7:15 pm


Good grief Chris – every time I think about something I’d like to do – you’re there ahead of me! This may be something to do with actually getting on and doing things rather than just reading about them……

This is another of your projects I’ll be following with great interest…. so much less effort than really doing it myself.

Good luck

2 | Raynerd

May 14th, 2012 at 9:31 pm


Haha – thanks Alan. Yes, once I`d got hold of my parts the build has been pretty straight forward so far but best not speak too soon as it isn`t running yet! The Prusa goes together very well but I think in some respects, I`d have prefered to go with a MendalMax instead of the Prusa… but that can always be the next project!!
Quote “This is another of your projects I’ll be following with great interest”, nice to see someone is reading, I think I`m typing to myself a lot of the time !! haha
Take care.

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