27 Mar, 2011

Webster Flywheel – part 1

Posted by: Raynerd In: Webster Engine

I thought I`d give the flywheel a go this weekend. To be honest, I`ve had several hours on it but I`m a bit off completion yet although hope to get it finished over the next few days. I really really liked how this turned out considering it is made from a dumbell 2kg weight as suggested in the plans. I was warned that the casting could be very bad but it was perfect, not a single flaw!

Here is the weight on a stub I made. I was turning it very very slowly. This was to simply turn the edge so that I could grip it in the outside jaws.

Once gripped securely in the outside jaws, I faced one side. I then flipped it around so it sat flush on the back of the chuck and faced the other side until I had a nice slab. This required removing a lot of metal at slow speed so there was a good few hours of work just in this.

I removed it out of the chuck but marked its position so it could be returned. I then turned up a kernal for the centre out of brass and drilled and tapped the big end so that a grub screw can be used to tighten it onto the crank shaft.

I then silver soldered the kernal to the cast blank, cleaned it up and put it back in the jaws at the marked position. I then centre drilled and this will now go on an arbour throught the centre bore to clean up and finish to size so that everything is concentric.

Hopefully I`ll get it done in the next few days. I was just more impressed that these lovely disks of cast iron are available without a lot of looking!

2 Responses to "Webster Flywheel – part 1"

1 | DavoDavo

June 6th, 2012 at 7:28 am


Hi Chris,
A very good tip to use those body building weights! Thanks.


2 | Raynerd

June 7th, 2012 at 9:21 am


Yes, and they cut really well. The set I had had no holes in them and I picked them up on the market for a few quid!

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