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Well in the little bits of time I pinch in the workshop, I`ve made more progress. I`ve put the 6mm ply table on 225x225mm with the belt and motor in place for the Y motion: I`ve gone for a double bearing rather than using the printed bearing holders… tough one as lots in the IRC [...]

After finishing my CNC machine, I`d quite like to have a go at a 3D printer as the concept amazes me. The guys on the IRC channel are really helpful but I am pestering quite a bit as there seems to be quite a few differences with the Prusa2 over the older versions. I do [...]

06 May, 2012

CNC Machine Build – TEP

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I`ve had a couple of emails lately asking about the CNC machine on my youtube video and I believe in the background on one of my pictures. I`ve not posted much about it purely because I built it between Jan-April this year (2012) and during that period I was busy with work and for some [...]

At Christmas I purchased a lovely Rawyler horizontal milling machine at a vary good price which should be great for gear and pinion cutting. However, with it being such a small machine, my 4″ CNC Rotary Table won`t fit the bed and so I needed to make something. I`ve compiled this post from a series [...]


  • Steve Richardson: Pretty cool stuff! I work with some real talented machinists and they are gonna dig your website!
  • Mike: Hi.where did you purchase the plate from. Been looking for a good stockist. I love your idea and would like to make one for my boxford. Also, sorry
  • Don bath: Thanks for the reply,currently I am making the escape wheel arbour and back cock plate ready for the next phase of testing .Your comments regarding th

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