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I cut the deeper tooth and made the mounting arbour this evening. Tapping the 12BA was a little hairy and I just managed to get the distance right so that the screw heads didn`t foul the wheel mounting post :ddb: Still needs more sanding and burnishing the top of the wheel but I think I`ll [...]

I`ve spent a little while finishing this count wheel but managed it last night! The count wheel has these ratchet like teeth so that as the pendulum swings, the gathering pawl/wire slides up one of the slopes and drops behind a notch pulling the count wheel around one place. I started with two rough cut [...]

Got the pendulum up and, well, swinging tonight! Hacked off a 4″ (just over) length of 2″ dia silver steel: Drilled it through 6.5 mm to make an oversize hole for the pendulum rod I re-drilled the top 8mm to a depth of 10mm and then I turned up some bushes out of brass for [...]

I was reading about cutting the spring steel this morning and apparently you punch it out. As per Wildings instructions, I folded over a strip of brass, marked out on both the template and the spring steel: I made this punch but stupidly have rounded the edges so I`ve not ended up with a good [...]

I managed to make the lower pendulum clamping bracket this evening which was a really nice combination of milling and turning. The part will hang off the bracket I made earlier with the pendulum rod screwed into the bottom. I started with a rough cut 1. 1/2″ length of .5″ square brass and milled a [...]

Got a little more done this past few hours. With the back plate now ready to hold some new parts, the first one is the pendulum bracket. I cut a couple of pieces of 1/8″ brass sheet and used double sided tape to secure them together. Machined them square and started profiling them Still together [...]

This is the brass sheet required for the construction along with Wildings build book, some spring steel and the nylon chord. Just some proof of the validity of my story about the 2″ dia steel bar coming from my original purchase of these materials. I don`t know why I never sold this piece and equally [...]

Back in 2003/04, at the age of 20 y/o the professor and my tutor at Uni was hugely into Patek Philippe watches. I had a bit of interest and because Patek make hand made watches they after show images of their production shops and this brought out my hidden engineering interests. Knowing I couldn`t buy [...]

13 Jun, 2011

Webster Engine – Complete

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Here is the Webster engine nearly finished as it stood last week. I`ve since got it running much better, I`ve got a name plate mounted and I`ve got the petrol tank on there. Only thing missing now is the very very bottom cover with velvet lining and then a video of it running which I`ll [...]


  • Steve Richardson: Pretty cool stuff! I work with some real talented machinists and they are gonna dig your website!
  • Mike: Hi.where did you purchase the plate from. Been looking for a good stockist. I love your idea and would like to make one for my boxford. Also, sorry
  • Don bath: Thanks for the reply,currently I am making the escape wheel arbour and back cock plate ready for the next phase of testing .Your comments regarding th

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