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I really feel for the first time like I`m getting somewhere now! I have finished the valve except the springs – need to sort those out as currently they are just 2 random springs I found just to hold it all together. And I managed to get an M10 tap (thanks again Rodget!) with a [...]

22 Apr, 2011

Webster – Valves

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Finally, I have made a successful valve after many failed attempts at one piece valves. With the shaft being so narrow at 3/32″ I just couldn`t get a good finish with 1″ sticking out the chuck. So a huge thanks to my engineering friend Rodger, who kindly offered to silver solder some .25″ heads onto [...]

14 Apr, 2011

Webster – Valve Block part 1

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I`ve been dreading building the valve block, the truth is, I didn`t really understand how it worked despite hours of reading plans and posts. However, thanks to Doug in the USA who wrote a very detailed explanation of how the parts work on the plans for me. I really struggled to come to a decision [...]

14 Apr, 2011

Webster – Valve Guides

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Here are the valve guides that are inserted into the top and bottom block of the three piece valve block. These are very small but I was really pleased with how they turned out.

12 Apr, 2011

Building a Fire Piston

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I was reading the “taig users” yahoo group recently where I came across a post in which someone had purchased a taig mill and lathe for the purpose of building a fire piston. Having the idea that this was some fancy engine, I quickly did a google search to find one. To my surprise this [...]

08 Apr, 2011

Webster – Exhaust CAM

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I thought I`d try something different to make my cam. My idea was that if I cut the OD to that of the “lug” of the cam and then place the blank on my CNC rotary table. The problem with this method is that it would create a slight radius upto the lug which should [...]

I drilled a new 8mm bore through the centre of the fly wheel gripping the outside of the flywheel so the hole was concentric and tapped it to hold the flywheel to the crank shaft. Flywheel complete -well nearly, just needs a good polish!. I also had to made an adapter for the small 24 [...]


  • Steve Richardson: Pretty cool stuff! I work with some real talented machinists and they are gonna dig your website!
  • Mike: Hi.where did you purchase the plate from. Been looking for a good stockist. I love your idea and would like to make one for my boxford. Also, sorry
  • Don bath: Thanks for the reply,currently I am making the escape wheel arbour and back cock plate ready for the next phase of testing .Your comments regarding th

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