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25 Feb, 2010

PIC Binary Dice – 12F675

Posted by: Raynerd In: PIC Binary Dice Code 12F675

Simple MikroC code for a binary dice on a 12F675. I was looking for a nice idea for a small project group of students rather than just flashing leds. No embellishment, just a straight forward code! While no button is pressed it is counting 1-6 fast, when the button is pressed it displays the number [...]


  • Steve Richardson: Pretty cool stuff! I work with some real talented machinists and they are gonna dig your website!
  • Mike: Hi.where did you purchase the plate from. Been looking for a good stockist. I love your idea and would like to make one for my boxford. Also, sorry
  • Don bath: Thanks for the reply,currently I am making the escape wheel arbour and back cock plate ready for the next phase of testing .Your comments regarding th

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